Eze Group | About
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All about EZE Group

EZE Group was formed in the Orlando, Florida in October 1999, when a group of travel and leisure industry experts recognised the opportunity to develop a credit-based system that would offer customers major benefits within the leisure and lifestyle world. The values that the business was founded on are as true today as they were then:

Outstanding levels of customer service that go above and beyond

Exclusive leisure opportunities and technological firsts

Offers, savings and concessions that were previously only enjoyed by the very few

Travel, wealth and asset security for our clients, their families and their businesses

Within a year, the proven success of this system saw it rapidly spread to Europe and across North America. This growth was driven by travellers who were becoming more discerning and adventurous in terms of the places they visited and the quality of their venues. They also wanted to take more holidays and – of course – keep costs down.


Our teams of partners, purchasers and third party service providers began to create offers and experiences that were once only available to large global corporations. With a growing client base, we can now negotiate everyday consumer privileges and benefits that have never before been possible.

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