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Message for subscribers

Message for subscribers

We write to bring you up to date with some news that has come to our attention. A small number of our valued subscribers have been contacted recently by a company that appears to be touting for business.

The company typically advises you that whatever company you have joined (in your case Eze Group) it is about to be dissolved in the New Year (‘go bust’ is their term for it). They say in order for you to save your financial interest you should speak to them and they will ensure you get your money back. For a fee of course!

We would like to confirm that Eze Group is very much flourishing and if anything, is looking to expand its products and services to our valued member base over the coming months and years.

If you are randomly contacted by this rogue company or any cold caller saying something similar, please disregard and do not pass of any personal details. Please let someone know via customerliaison@ezegroup.com

This has only affected a very small number of clients, seemingly at random and we are sure that you will not be disturbed. However, for your peace of mind, we would confirm that your details continue to be secure and no personal details are ever passed to any unauthorised third party.

May we take this opportunity of wishing all our customers the warmest wishes of the season and we look forward to a prosperous New Year!

Eze Group Management

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