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Life Insurance

Save Upto 70% on Life Insurance Polices

Getting the best deals on life insurance

Why BeyondComparison.com is the best life insurance broker

Life insurance is vital for ensuring your family can take care of your financial affairs after you’ve gone. To make sure your family is well taken care of, or to leave them a cash gift, BeyondComparison.com can provide the best quote for you.

We draw quotes from all the major life insurance brokers in the UK and we regularly update our systems to take into account special offers and changes in the prices. Using this information, we can offer a policy that suits your particular situation. The team in our UK call centre is on hand to discuss your needs and requirements.

Life Cover Benefits

Life insurance policies provide a cash lump sum when you die so that your loved ones can settle your affairs and/or gain a cash gift. There are numerous types of life insurance policies available. As a simple example, if you want to cover your mortgage you can take out a policy that only lasts as long as your mortgage term.

This is why it is important to get in touch with a comparison service like BeyondComparison.com. Don’t forget; the cheapest available price is not necessarily the one that fulfils your requirements.

Getting the Best Quotes

The cheapest insurance quotes do not necessarily always provide value for money. Life insurance policies should cover you for exactly what you need them to. You don’t want to saddle your grieving family with any unnecessary debts after the life insurance has paid out. Therefore, make sure you pay for the exact cover you need; don’t leave things out because the insurance policy is excessively cheap.

A prime example is the decreasing term life insurance policy. This might offer the lowest premiums, but depending when the policy is cashed in, the lump sum wouldn’t be substantial enough to support family (i.e. toward the end of the term). When searching for a policy, spend some time comparing the various merits of each one before reaching a decision.

Your medical history also plays a big part in the size of your premiums. Although it is tempting, never lie or underestimate the extent of any medical conditions. It could offer lower premiums now, but when your family comes to claim on the policy, it could be invalidated because you were not truthful from the outset. If your policy is invalid, you will not be entitled to a payout.

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