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Chat with one of our qualified pension advisers

With new pension investment rules a recent survey found some 73% of people expect to review their pension investment schemes, looking for cash and income generating strategies.

(Source: Aon Hewitt)

Frozen Pensions

It is estimated some 30 million frozen pensions exist in the UK. These are pension investments stuck in funds that no longer exist, or that are no longer being actively managed. These funds are often blighted by charges as high as 6 per cent, show terrible performance, have impossible terms and conditions, and non existent service.


What are the requirements?

Aged 30+ with more than £25,000 in a single pension pot or collectively across multiple pension pots. We can work with most company pensions, private pensions, final salary pensions and personal pensions. State pensions cannot be used.

How much will it cost?

It is really hard to tell at this stage without knowing what type of pension you have. Our initial advice is free, and you will be told of any charges before you make any decisions.

What can I expect?

We are 100% UK owned and based. You can expect a 1st class, confidential, honest and independent service.

For more information

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